Made possible through a grant from the Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board

Overview of the Collection

Number: 2014.038
Title: Mayor Gregory S Lashutka
Dates: 1965-2011
Media: Mixed
Quantity: Ca. 28 cubit feet
Location: Columbus Historical Society Office

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Historical Sketch of the Collection

Mayor Gregory S. Lashutka, a republican, served 2 terms as the 51st mayor of Columbus from January 1, 1992 to January 1, 2000. Mayor Lashutka played football at The Ohio State University under famed coach Woody Hayes. He served 2 terms as Columbus City Attorney from 1978-1985. As Mayor, he was noted for being fiscally responsible. During his tenure the city saw economic growth, downtown development and low unemployment. Lashutka launched the development of the Scioto riverfront with the move of COSI (Center of Science and Industry) to the Scioto Peninsula and began construction of the floodwall in Franklinton. He helped facilitate the building of Nationwide Area which brought national hockey to Columbus and the development of the Area District.  The suburbs also experienced growth. Easton and Polaris shopping areas were developed and a new sewer and water deal with the city of Dublin was brokered. His biggest challenge was a contentious and costly legal battle with the police chief, James G. Jackson, for administrative misconduct. Mayor Lashutka left office known for being a consensus-builder and a highly effective public servant.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

This collection contains materials from Mayor Lashutka’s campaigns for city attorney and mayor, his tenures in both offices, and beyond. Materials are both professional and personal and include photographs, campaign videos and ephemera, papers and newsclippings, books, and other media.


Made possible through a grant from the Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board

Overview of the Collection

Number: 2016.003
Title: Mayor Michael B. Coleman Collection
Creator: Bonnie Chandler
Dates: 1999-2015
Media: Mixed
Quantity: 10 cubic feet
Location: Columbus Historical Society Office

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Historical Sketch of the Collection

Mayor Michael B. Coleman, a democrat, served as the 52nd mayor of the City of Columbus from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2015. He was the longest serving mayor, serving for 4 consecutive terms, and he was also the first African American mayor of Columbus. Mayor Coleman was known to be fiscally responsible and early in his tenure was able to raise the city income tax to 2.5% which enabled the city to increase police and fire services. In 2003 Coleman announced a 10 year plan that would revitalize downtown with new housing, the Columbus Commons and parkland along the river known as the Scioto Mile. In 2008 a large bond issue passed allowing the city to cleanup neighborhoods and teardown many vacant houses. Curbside recycling also began during his tenure. One of the biggest controversies during the Coleman years was the failure of the school Levy in November 2013 in lieu of the Columbus City School’s data rigging scandal. Mayor Coleman will be remembered for bringing “swagger” to Columbus as it left its small town image behind.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

This collection contains materials related to the election and 4 mayoral terms of Columbus mayor Michael B. Coleman. VHS cassettes and photographic prints and negatives form the bulk of the collection. The collection also contains CDs/DVDs, audio cassettes, DVCPRO videos, Betacam videos, letters and cards, plaques and framed images, certificates, books, printed speech drafts, photocopies of news clippings, memorabilia and gifts, and ephemera.


Made possible through a grant from the Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board

Overview of the Collection

Number: 2015.FIC
Title: Mayor Maynard E. “Jack” Sensenbrenner Collection
Creator: Tara Babb
Dates: Ca. 1954 – ca. 1981
Media: Photographic prints, Mixed Media
Quantity: 2.0 cubic feet
Location: Columbus Historical Society Office

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Historical Sketch of the Collection

Mayor Maynard Edward Sensenbrenner, a democrat, served two non-consecutive terms as the 42nd and 44th mayor of Columbus from 1954-59, and 1964-71. The 1959 flood cost him the election between his two terms.

 At the time, he was the longest serving mayor, serving for 14 years. He was born in Circleville, Ohio, September 18, 1902 and died from complications of Alzheimer’s on August 2, 1991.

Sensenbrenner went by the name “Jack”, and was known for his energy and ambition, even creating the word “spizzerinctum” to describe his style and philosophy of life. He and his wife, Mildred, lived and raised their two sons on the Hilltop. He was a big supporter of the Boy Scouts and other fraternal organization.  He was also very religious and was known for running the largest Sunday school class in the city. A product of the depression of the 1930s, he came to political office late in life at age 50.  His biggest accomplishment as mayor was the annexation and growth of the city. Through annexation, Columbus grew by 70 square miles. During his tenure, Columbus was named the “All American City” in 1959. 

Scope and Contents of the Collection

This collection contains materials related to political life of Mayor Jack Sensenbrenner. Most of the collection comprises 638 photographs taken during Mayor Sensenbrenner’s two terms in office.  Most of these are 8 x 10 black and white photographs.  Many of the images are of the Mayor performing official business such as signing proclamations, attending ground breakings, ribbon cuttings, and business and political functions.  

The collection also contains one folder of miscellaneous papers and two award plaques and a print of a charcoal portrait of Mayor Sensenbrenner. Additional three-dimensional objects relating to Mayor Sensenbrenner’s time in office will be added to this collection as they are processed.



The Buckeye Singles Council was a singles group in Gahanna, Ohio and is credited with the creation of National Singles Week. It was a non-profit organization dedicated to the singles community in Columbus and the surrounding area. The Single Council started in 1981 and was discontinued in 1991.

The collection the Columbus Historical Society in possession of was donated by Mary Bucher.

Box 1 –

Folder 1 – materials relating to the 1986 Singles Week
Letter from Jonathan Marsh, September 16, 1986
Letters from Kathleen Kircher, June and August 1986
Notes about a phone interview
Note about Kits sold in 1986
Press Release about the 1986 Singles Week
Information on Robert Doughetry
Envelope and letter from John N. Dempsey, Regional Center in Connecticut, August 27, 1986
Letter by Sue Shaw
Letter and envelope from the Millville, New Jersey Young Men’s Christian Association
Letter by Ethan Aronoff
Purchase order from the Southminster Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh August, 1986
Letter and envelope from the Upper Room in Westminster, California August, 1986
Letter from Rick Hill, Februrary 1986
Note from Rick Diaz
Letter and envelope from Lynn Ohtani, April 1986
Letter from Hewitt Poplock, April 1986
Letter from Lahey’s Nursing Home by Lori Legner, May 1986
Letter from Davi/Cooper City Library by Barbara Ludwig, May 1986
Letter, envelope and calander from West Virginia, May 1986
Card from the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, May 1986
Linda from Hertell, June 1986
Letter from Oceana by Tammy Traitner, July 1986
Letter and envelope from Out on a Whim by Stuart Jarkowski, July 1986
Letter from Center for Creative Living Corporation by Julie May, July 1986
Letter and envelope from JC Coney, July 1986
Letter and envelope from the Central North Carolina Regional Library by Olive Auger, August 1986
Letter and envelope from Beatrice Maye, August 1986
Note on Eagle Newspaper Group

Folder 2 – Notebook filled with materials and notes

Folder 3 – Roughly 16 items relating to singles week
Some paper clipped or stapled together

Folder 4 – roughly 20 Buckeye Singles Newsletters

Folder 5 – approximately 23 materials relating to Kit Sales

Folder 6 – 11 Singles Week Kits materials

Folder 7 – 26 sample press releases
20 sample proclamations

Folder 8 – 11 materials
2 work orders
Materials relating to Singles Week
Folder containing Singles Week Materials

Folder 9 – Single’s magazines
Clippings relating to Singles Week

Folder 10 – 8 materials from the community

Folder 11 – 4 envelopes
6 letters from Mary Bucher
5 letters to Mary Bucher from media outlets

Folder 12 – 15 letters asking for singles week information

Folder 13 – 6 1985 directories
3 1988 community resource guides
22 1990 community resource guides

Folder 14 – 8 Buckeye Singles Council pamphlets on yellow paper
1 Singles Week flyer
1 “Singles in Community” flyer
1 folder of address labels
1 newspaper with Singles Week information
1 Columbus Single Scene magazine
2 Buckeye Single Council trifolds
2 Columbus Single Scene papers about the National Singles Publication Conference
1 Singles Network brochure
1 Marilyn’s M·Edit·Ations brochure
1 annual meeting agenda
1 World Future Society News Release with Radio Almanac letter
1 Carson Valley Inn letter
News American Ayn address
Envelope and information from Chase’s Annual Events
Telegram to WMIX AM Radio, July 1987
Letter from Mick van Winkle, June 1987
2 letters to Apartment 3G Cartoonists, April 1987

Folder 15 – 1 Chases’ Calendar of Annual Events, 1982
Also contains letters

Folder 16 – 1 Single Life Pamphlet
1 Buckeye Single Council pamphlet
Ad for a Long Island singles group, GASP
1 Singles Week Kit with population sequence on front
4 flyers for Singles Week, 1986
Opened Buckeye Singles Council pamphlet
Notes on notebook paper
Copier Service paper
Example press release
2 example proclamations
Example letter to the mayor or governor
3 pieces of Singles Week scrap paper
“All people were created single” flyer
2 singles week questionnaires
Singles Week flyer
Letter to Mary Bucher from Beverly Smith, August 1987
Letter to Mary Bucher from Mata-Marie H. Cooney, July 1987
List of National Network of Singles publications
Singles Week article

Folder 17 – 1 illegible note to Mary Bucher
Newspaper clippings
Call-An-M paper
To do list for Jeanne
Letter from Rhonda Wilson
Letter from Parents Without Partners, Inc
Singles Week Kit Flyer
Magazine with note attached
Themis of Zeta Tau Alpha, winter 1982-1983
American Libraries magazine, March 1981
Men’s Bulletin number 262, December 1982
Themis of Zeta Tau Alpha, summer 1982
The Quill magazine

Folder 18 – 19 items
1 “singles in community” pamphlet
        1988 community resource guide
1 cartoon
2 “All people were created single” pamphlets
6 Buckeye Singles Council pamphlets
1 Buckeye Singles Council Flyer
8 Buckeye Singles Council booklets

Folder 19 – 37 flyers for National Singles week events

Folder 20 – 22 Buckeye Singles Council pamphlets

Folder 21 – 2 publicity handouts
2 releases for a proclamation about Singles Week
Letter to Mary Jo Albert from Donna Cotton, dated July 27, 1982
Responsibilities of public relations committee
Public relations committee report, January 1982
Public relations committee report, December 1981
Public relations committee report, November 1981
Public relations committee expenditures, January-July 1982
Public relations committee report, October 1981
Public relations committee report, September 1981
1976 Annual Publicity Clinic flyer
              “Women in Communication”
Letter to Radio Public Services Directors from Maureen T. Smith, September 1976
List of Columbus area newspapers
Women in Communications Fall Publicity Clinic flyer, October 1976
Women in Communications letter about the Publicity Clinic
Letter to Women in Communications about Publicity Clinics
Folder of publicty materials

Folder 22 – Media List
Envelope to Mary Bucher from All American Cablevision
Note from Patricia A. Baird
Information to be included in the Buckeye Singles Council Calendar
July through August Singles Calendar
“Central Ohio Celebrates Singles Week”
            From Donna M. Cotton
Example proclamation
Directory information
Information on Singles Night at Players Theater
Letter from All American Cablevision
Message Guide Instructions from All American Cablevision
Message Guide
Example message
Letters and message guides from All American Cablevision, clipped together
Duplication Requisition Sheet
List of Media Outlets

Folder 23 – 5 newspapers
1 copy of Accent from The Columbus Dispatch dated October 24, 1984
2 copy of Accent from The Columbus Dispatch dated October 25, 1984
1 copy of The Booster, dated April 16, 1984
1 copy of The Booster, dated April 30, 1984

Box 2 –

Folder 24 - 7 items
Return envelope for Living Single
Information for directory of singles clubs
Letter about being listed in directory of singles groups
May Day Party flyer
            Dated May 1, 1982
2 copies of a logo for Single File
Publicity Handbook
Columbus Chapter of the Women in Communications

Folder 25 – Correspondence
Letter to John Burke from Mary Bucher
            Director of Biomedical Communications in the Colleges of Allied Medicine at the Ohio State University
            Dated March 19, 1983
Letter to Jeanne Marlowe from Fidel Z. Zarate Jr.
            Dated February 21, 1983
            Response from Mary Bucher is attached
Envelope to Mary Bucher from the US Post Office
Letter from Gene L. Scott, dated October 8, 1982
Letter to the US Postal Service from Mary Bucher, dated August 17, 1982
Letter from the US Postal Service to Mary Bucher, dated October 1, 1982
Letter from Elderidge Linder
Envelope from Steve Coapman
Telegram from Mary Bucher to Phyllis Shively
Calender for The Buckeye Singles of Bellefontaine, Ohio
Letter from Irene McCandlish
Envelope to Buckeye Singles Council, dated July 6, 1982
Series of telegrams and letters relating to singles activities
Letter from Girani Giuseppe
Letter to O’Malley in the Morning Show, dated September 14, 1982
Letter to Nancy Ruth
            Director of Public Relations at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare
            Dated September 4, 1982
Letter to Jopie H. Upessy, dated September 4, 1982
Letter from the Mental Health Association of Franklin County, dated May 19, 1982
1982 Mental Health Fair Evaluation
Ad for a Buckeye Singles Council volunteer position
Letter to Chris Weinbrenner, dated November 27, 1982
Series of letters to and from David Thayer
Letter to Donna Cotton, dated January 18, 1983
Contact information for Mark Schroeder
Letter from “Mary May” dated January 28, 1983
           On Church of Scientology of Central Ohio paper
Packet intended for Ann Neville of the Clintonville Booster
            Dated January 31, 1983
Information of Jeanne Marlowe “and board members”
Series of letters to and from David Bennett
Telegram relating to changes of address
Letter from Rudolph Langley, dated March 29, 1983

Folder 26 – 19 items
Expenses list
List labeled “Mailed 1982 kits free to”
Copy of Singles
            A Monthly Newsletter for Leaders of Christian Singles
            Volume 10, number 8
             June 1983
Letter to Jerry Dixon from Mary Bucher
             Dated June 5, 1983
             Clipped to: The Bachelors and Belles Singles Group
                                Dated May 26, 1983
                                Declaration from the State of Utah
Ad for the Columbus Zoo
Notes on it
1 page of ads
List labeled to “Add to PR list”
Letter from Mary Bucher to the Public Relations Director of Columbus AFEES USO
Stapled to a USO pamphlet
Letter from Mary Bucher to the Ohio State University’s University Publishing
Stapled to an OSU calendar
List dated September 18-24
Notes on kits
          Clipped to:
              A mock up of “Support Your Local Singles Club During Singles Week”
             “Attention Leaders of Singles Councils and Large Singles Groups”
              2 pamphlets
American MENSA Memorandum
           Stapled to:
               Buckeye Singles Week information
               Announcements from the Buckeye Singles Council
American MENSA Memorandum
             Stapled to envelope
Washington Memo from Chalmers P. Wylie
Parents without Partners, Inc letter dated February 7, 1983
             Stapled to response from Mary Bucher
Letter to Jim Sanderson
             Stapled to a copy of “There is Future After Divorce”
Copy of a card/letter to Jim Sanderson
Series of letters between Mary Bucher and Jim O’Connor
             Clipped together
             Also clipped to a list of singles magazines
Letter from Kathleen Buechner
            With envelope

Folder 27 – List of 1983 kits sold
Information for places to send kits
Letter from Clair Barvenik
           Dated February 9, 1983
           Copy of Single Again
Letter from Al van Gysel
Information for Alle-kiski Singles Association
Envelope for Alle-kiski Singles Association
Letter from Alle-kiski Singles Association
Letter from Diane Mathieson
Letter from Judith Craven
Letter from Donna Williams
Envelope from D.L. Williams
Letter from Kathleen Perez
Letter from Jeanne Barnett
Card from Jim Sanderson
Letter from Martha Stough dated April 19, 1983
2 envelopes and a letter from Maria Blakney
Contact information for Margaret Henley, Dennis Rackliff, Oak Creak U.C of Christ, and Faith Bishop
Card from Kathie Evans
Envelope from Oak Creek United Church of Christ
“Speed Letter” to Buckeye Singles Council from Dennis Rackliff
Letter from Margret Henley
Letter from Faith Bishop
Information on the singles week kits
Contact information for Stoneybrook U.M Chapter and Inez Wright
Contact information for Elizabeth Helm
Contact information for First U.M, Tuscson Singles Council, and Christian Singles
Contact information for Synod of the Cev.
Contact information for Dorothy Soldano
Letter from Allen Snyder
Letter from Inez Wright
Letter from the Synod of the Covenent
Letter from Tuscon Singles Council
Letter from Christian Singles
Letter from Dorothy Soldano
Contact information for Jack McCormick, William Street Singles, and Resurrection Catholic Parish Singles
Letter from Jack McCormick at the Westside Church or the Nazarene
Letter from the William Street Church
Information sent to Resurrection Catholic Parish Singles
Contact information for the Young Calvinist Federation
Letter from the Young Calvinist Federation
Information from the Young Adult Ministries
2 pieces of contact information for Maxine Miller
Letter from Daniel Barrett with a Post It Note on it
Contact information for St. Paul’s U.M
Contact information for Collier St. United Church and Patricia Romero
           More information on the back
Letter from Lucy Langer, Christian Education Director at the Salvation Army
           Envelope stapled to letter
Letter from Lucy Langer dated September 20, 1983
Letter from Lucy Langer dated October 24, 1983
Letter from Steven Geurink, Young Adult Manager at the Young Calvinist Federation
           Envelope stapled to letter
Contact information for the Delaware United Methodist Church
Letter from Lynda Middleton at the St. Paul’s United Methodist Church
Letter from E. Faye Howard
Contact information for Faye Howard
Contact information for the Delaware U.M Church
Contact information for the Youngstown Single Young Adults
Contact information for the Bexley U.M Church
Letter from Arlene Slas at the Youngstown District Single Young Adults
Letter from Ruth Floyd at the Bexley United Methodist Church
Letter from Jean Somerville
          Envelope stapled to letter
          Notes on envelope
Contact information for the Atlanta Singles
Letter from Emily Lane at Atlanta Singles Magazine and Date Book
          Envelope stapled to letter
Letter from Lisa J. Beckmann
Information on Singles week 1983 and the kit that goes along with it
Letter from Betty Wallace at McDonald’s
         Response from Mary Bucher stapled to original letter
Contact information for Suzanne Spellman at the Westfield State College Campus Center Program Council
Contact information for Steve LaRosa at KCRA-TV
Letter from Suzanne Spellman
Contact information for Pearl Hartz
Letter from Marie M. Ledows
Envelope and note from Bob Eveleigh
Article on National Singles Week
          Taped to a letter from David Osinsky
          Letter stapled to envelope
Letters from Patrick T. McSherry
          Stapled together
          Envelope also stapled to letters
Letter from Pearl Hartz
Letter from Steve LaRosa at KRCA TV

Folder 28 – 56 copies of a Buckeye Singles Council flyer/newsletter, dated November 21, 1982

Folder 29 – mock up of the Buckeye Singles Council logo
Mock up of Buckeye Singles Council newsletter
Copy of newsletter
18 copies of the Buckeye Singles Council logo
Envelope of logos
List of “periodicals for singles,” “regional councils,” and “multi-location groups”
Paper with Buckeye Singles Council information on it
Membership letter
List of 1982 member clubs
2 pages of “VIP” logos
“We support” paper
Buckeye Singles Council flyer
“Ready to Duplicate” paper
Paper of logos for member groups
Single File workshop sign up sheet mock up
Paper marked “Extra”
Envelope from the Los Angeles Times Syndicate
8 papers clipped together with the card of Terry Baughman attached
2 copies of the “Tell your single friends about…” flyer
“Tell your friends about… to make a better place for singles in our community”
2 Buckeye Singles Council flyers
4 pages paper clipped together
2 Lists of Singles groups
5 papers and an envelope paper clipped together
         Battelle paper on top
“Presented to Jeanne Marlow, first president BUCKEYE SINGLES COUNCIL, 1981-1982”
10 copies of 1983 Council Member Groups
“Dear Friend” letter with 3 copies of a list of singles groups
“Dear Friend” letter with a copy of a list of singles groups
Article from the Buckeye Singles Council newsletter
         By Joan Bence
3 copies of Buckeye Singles Council newsletter article by Joan Bence
“Dear Friend” letter with a copy of a list of singles groups

Folder 30 – Information Buckeye Singles Group was putting out
Letter discussing directory of central Ohio nonprofit singles groups
Report and Library Services Delivery Slip
Press Release about March 6 workshop prepared by Lisa Given
Press Release with edits about February 20 workshop prepared by Lisa Given
Letter about workshops
Letter about singles dances
Letter about workshops
Registration information
          3 pieces of paper clipped together
Workshop information clipped together
Letter about workshops
Notes on Battelle paper
Notes on March 21 workshop
Notes on workshop
Letter about workshops
Information on directory of central Ohio nonprofit singles groups
       Clipped together
4 letters about workshops
Information on name change
Information release, January 1, 1981
2 Announcements of name change
Articles about Single File
Public Service Announcement
2 pages of information about workshops
Information on monthly meeting
Notice to newsletters
Letter to delegates
Officers update directory information
2 pages of photo caption information
Directory information
Workshop information
        Clipped together
Information on the Buckeye Singles Council
Information on singles workshop
Information on singles workshops
        Clipped together
Public service announcement
Proclamation information
        Several clipped together
Public service information
        Clipped together
Singles party ads
Co-Ed Volleyeball League information
Singles workshop
Singles workshop
New name for singles council information
Single File information
Paper to join the Single File
Single File officers update directory
Singles Dance information
First draft of announcement about name change

Folder 31 – Letters to and from the Buckeye Singles Council

Folder 32 – Information that the Buckeye Singles Council was putting out

Folder 33 – Notes
2 newspapers
Newspaper, notes, envelopes clipped together
Updating media file information
2 letters to Linda Bien
Letter to Cliff Allbritton
       Clipped to 9 other things
Letter to Sylvia Brooks
        Stapled to newspaper article
Letter to Barbara James
        Stapled to three other things
Letter to Nancy Nall
2 messages to Booster Community Calendar
3 pages of notes
       Clipped together
Notes labeled “Marshall Hood”
Note from Marshall Hood
Information on the Buckeye Singles Council
Letter to Ted Wendling
Stapled to three other things

Folder 34 – Various newsletters, news articles, and other outlets in which the Buckeye Singles Council released information

Folder 35 – “Singles in Community” flyer
Single File newsletter mock up
The Christian Armory Press newsletter
Buckeye Singles Council newsletter mock up
Letter from the Maize Manor United Methodist Church
2 pages worth of notes
       Stapled together
Letter to Fred DiNapoli
4 pages of a letter
Minutes of the September 26, 1983 Board Meeting
Buckeye Singles Council Statement of Income for Period Ending April 30, 1984
Mock Up for the Fourth Annual Meeting
Buckeye Singles Council Newsletter for May – June, 1984
Letter from Charles Brown
       May 20, 1984
Playhouse, Inc newsletter
Letter from the Volunteer Administrators’ Network of Central Ohio

Folder 36 – Materials relating to Singles Week

Folder 37 – Letters, notes and memos between Mary Bucher and Jeanne Marlowe
Also includes letters sent by these women

Folder 38 – Various materials relating to the Buckeye Singles Council in the news
Letters relating from newspapers to Mary Bucher
News and magazine articles about Buckeye Singles Council

Folder 39 – Various issues of the Buckeye Singles Council newsletter

Folder 40 – Correspondence

Folder 41 – Buckeye Singles Council Newsletter

Folder 42 – Business materials
Requests for refurbishment

Folder 43 – Buckeye Singles Council Correspondence

Compiled by: Lauren E. Cunningham